Safe & Effective Drug for Hyper Acidity


Name of Drug Scientific Name Part of Use Percentage
Hingwastak Churna Compound Formulations - 200 mg
Lavanabhaskar Churna Compound Formulations - 200 mg
Katuki Churna Picrorhiza Kurrua Rz. 50 mg
Exipients Impure Sodium Bicabbonate - Q.S.
Indication Useful in Hyoer Acidity, Heart Burn, Dyspesia, Flatulence & Indigestion
Dosage One Capsule Twice a Day After Meal or as directed by the Physician
Packing 30 Caps., 60 Caps. & 1000 Caps. (Plastic Jar)
Precaution Avoid Hot, Spicy, Pungent Food & Exposure to Heat

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