Safe & Effective Drug for Hyper Acidity


Name of Drug Scientific Name Part of Use Percentage
Hingwastak Churna Compound Formulations - 40%
Lavanabhaskar Churna Compound Formulations - 40%
Katuki Churna Picrorhiza Kurrua Rz. 10%
Svarjiksara Impure Sodium Bicabbonate - 09%


- Q.S.
Indication Useful in Hyoer Acidity, Heart Burn, Dyspesia, Flatulence & Indigestion
Dosage One Tea Spoon Ful or as directed by the Physician
Direction for Use Take with water after meal.
Packing Net Weight 50g (Plastic Jar)
Precaution Avoid Hot, Spicy, Pungent Food & Exposure to Heat

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