Beautifies Your Hair Naturally


Name of Drug Scientific Name Part of Use Percentage
Bhringaraja Eclipta Alba Pl. 1%
Triphala Churna Compound Formulations - 1%
Gunja Abrus Precatorius Dr. Sd. 1%
Oil Green Color - - Q.S.
Perfume - - Q.S.
Krishna Tila Taila
(Black Sesamum Seed Oil)
Sesamum Indicum Ol. Q.S. to 100%
Indication A unique Hair tonic, Stimulates Hair Growth, Improves Blood circulation to hair follicles, Prevents Falling & Greying of Hair, Arrests Dandruff. Ideal for Raring of Hair & Also Provide Cooling Effect.
Direction of Use Apply this oil in wet Hair for Desired Result, massage gently for wonderful coolness.
(For External Use Only)
Packing Net Contains 200 ml. (Pet Bottle)

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