An Ayurvedic Patent and Proprietary Medicine


Name of Drug Scientific Name Part of Use Each 10 ml Contains
Yavakshar A.B. Pdr. 90 mg
Nimbu Sat Citric Acid Pdr. 30 mg
Shvet Parpati A.S.S. Pdr. 400 mg
Extract Derived From :
Punarnava Boerthavia Diffusa Rt. 100 mg
Pashanbheda Saxifrega Ligulata Rt. 200 mg
Varun Cretive Riligiosa Bk. 100 mg
Kalathi Dolichos Biflorus Sd. 100 mg
Sag Beez Tictona Grandis Sd. 200 mg
Kappittha Feronea Elefentinum Fr. 100 mg.
Syrup Base


- q.s.


- q.s.
Sodium Benzoate


- q.s.
Indication Useful in Mutrakrucha, Urinary Tract Infection, Calculy etc.
Dosage 5 ml to 10 ml twice a day or as directed by the physician.

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