EMU SYRUP (General Tonic)

An Ayurvedic Patent and Proprietary Medicine


Name of Drug Scientific Name Part of Use Each 10 ml Contains :
Ashwagandha Withania Somniphera Rt. 100 mg
Satavari Asparegus Racemosus Rt. 100 mg
Jirak Cuminum Cyminum Fr. 50 mg
Ajowain Trachysperamum Ammi Fr. 50 mg
Trifala A.B. - 200 mg
Trikatu A.B. - 30 mg
Rasayan Churna A.B. - 200 mg
Chaturjat A.B. - 40 mg
Vidakand Pueraria Tuberosa Tb. 50 mg
Kaucha Mucuna Prurience Sd. 100 mg
Neem Azadirecta Indica Lf. 100 mg
Kalmegh Andographic Peninculeta Pl 50 mg
Arjun Terminalia Arjuna Bk. 100 mg
Syrup Base - - q.s.
Flavor - - q.s.
Sodium Benzoate - - q.s.
Indication Useful in Loss of appetite, All type of Stress & General Tonic for all ages, Also increase immunity power etc.
Dosage 10 ml to 15 ml thrice a day or as directed by the physician.

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