Powerful Drug for Muscular Pain


Name of Drug Scientific Name Part of Use Percentage
Ambaharidra Curcuma Amada Rz. 25%
Maida Lakadi Litsea Chnensis Lfl 20%
Svarajiksara Impure Sodium Bicrabonate - 15%
Eluya Aloe Barbadensis So. Ext. 10%
Sares Gelatine So. Ext. 09%
Eshes Boswellia Floribunda Exd. 05%
Hirabola Commiphora Myrha Exd. 05%
Guggulu Commiphora Wightii Exd. 05%
Lodhra Symplocos Racemosa St. Bk. 05%
Usarerevanda Rheum Emodi So. Ext. 01%
Indication Useful in Muscular Pain & Frozen Shoulder & Swelling. Pins related to joint, muscles & ligaments.
Dosage Prepare the Lep by adding hot water & apply the paste on affected area apply the bandage & remove paste after three days.
Packing Net Weight 50 gms (Plastic Jar)

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