RX-SLEEMO® CAPSULE (Herbo Mineral)

100% Safe & Fast Fat Reducer


Name of Drug Scientific Name Part of Use Percentage
Ext. Vrksamla Gracinia Indica Ext. 200 mg.
Gojala Kshar Compound Formulation - 100 mg.
Trifala Gugal Compound Formulation - 50 mg.
Navayas Gugal Compound Formulation - 50 mg.
Triktu Compound Formulation - 30 mg.
Trushnadya Lauh Compound Formulation - 30 mg.
Ext. Punarvnava Boerhaavia Diffusa Ext. 20 mg.
Sarjaras Shorea Robusta Exd. 10 mg.
Vidanga Embelia Robusta Fr. 10 mg.
Exipients - - Q.S.
Indication Useful in fatty body.
Dosage 1 to 2 capsule twice a day before meal or as directed by the Physician.
Packing 30 Caps., 60 Caps. & 1000 Caps. (Plastic Jar)

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